Paperboard Pillow Box
Our factory landed 8100 square meters with daily production capacity up 1000000pcs per day. Our products comply with international quality standards and are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

Tailor-made, visible to the brand: In the early stage of design, we will investigate the shelf placement standards of major supermarkets, as well as the transportation cost of packaging, quality control, drop test, high and low temperature strict quality control through testing, bursting test, etc.

Structural design, the box body is fine and uniform: the color box packaging box is customized according to the customer's product, focusing on the lining structure design of the box, so as to satisfy consumers with a good experience, the appearance of the box is exquisite and high-end, which is very important to the production.

Graphic design, the appearance is more brand-like: a graphic designer who really understand printing is a good packaging graphic designer, using design to improve to quality of products, professional design drawings know more about the color matching and visual layer of printing.

Process design, continuation of works of art: complete packaging technology, with reverse glazing technology, variable data printing, partial UV, colorful UV, embossing, bronzing, and other processes to make your brand more marketable color.

Suitable for beauty cosmetics, health products, agricultural products, toys, jewelry, electronic products, food, art and other industries.

Visible personalization, invisible service: If you need more detailed information, please contact us to customize the service process.



Fully customizable Cardbord box

Your Brand, Your Boxes

We have abundant achievements and a diverse line up, and propose high-class processing, water-repellent processing, improved operation, etc.

We support no only large lots but also small lots, and we can manufacture with the optimum size and processing mthod according to the customer's conditions.


Our promises to the society

We Care About Ecology

Lianyi Packaging guarantees a perfect fit.

We are leading the way in offering 100% recycled paper to meet all US and EU ordinance needs.

With a vast array of handle and decorative selections, enhancing the bags will seem seamless.